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South Africa Gold Krugerrand

South Africa Gold Krugerrand
Product Details Since its release in 1967 to help market South African Gold, the Gold Krugerrand has seen worldwide popularity with a simple, classic design depicting two key South African figures: Paul Kruger and the Springbok antelope.Coin Highlights:Contains 1 oz of Gold.Multiples of 10 are ..
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Product DetailsSince their inception in 1980, fractional Krugerrands have been popular with investors wanting to add smaller amounts of Gold to their holdings. Gold Krugerrands hold worldwide popularity with a simple, classic design.Coin Highlights:Contains 1/10 oz Gold.Multiples of 50 are packaged ..
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Product DetailsSouth Africa began producing fractional Gold Krugerrands to allow more people the ability to invest in Gold. Their simple, unchanged design is recognized and valued around the world.Coin Highlights:Contains 1/2 oz of Gold.Multiples of 15 are packaged in mint tubes. All other coins wil..
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The South African Krugerrand is the most widely owned gold bullion coin in the world, representing 46 million ounces since its introduction in 1967. The purpose of the original issue was to encourage individual ownership of gold, and it must be said that this objective has clearly been met by the Kr..
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